Mechanical Energy Examples at Home + Pictures

Mechanical Energy Examples

Mechanical energy or motion energy is the sum of kinetic energy (energy of motion) and the potential energy (energy stored in a system).

Here are some examples of mechanical energy or motion energy in your home:

  • #1 Mechanical energy of hammer that allows a nail to go into the wall
  • #2 Mechanical energy of spring in dart gun that pushes a dart from dart gun
Mechanical Energy Example - Dart Gun
  • #3 Mechanical energy of book placed on the top of a table
Mechanical Energy Example - Book On Table
  • #4 Mechanical energy of dumbbell lifted above the floor
Mechanical Energy Example - Dumbbell Lifted Above Floor
  • #5 Mechanical energy of an arrow released from a bow
Mechanical Energy Example - Arrow
  • #6 Mechanical energy of bicycle running on the road
Mechanical Energy Example - Bicycle Running On Road
  • #7 Mechanical energy of an athlete running in the race
Mechanical Energy Example - Athlete Running In Race
  • #8 Mechanical energy of running water in hydro power plants that moves the blades of a turbine
Mechanical Energy Example - Running Water In Hydro Power Plant
  • #9 Mechanical energy of wrecking ball that demolishes a building
Mechanical Energy Example - Wrecking Ball
  • #10 Mechanical energy of bowling ball that displaces a bowling pin
Mechanical Energy Example - Bowling Ball
  • #11 Mechanical energy of wind that moves the blades of a windmill
Mechanical Energy Example - Wind That Moves Windmill
  • #12 Mechanical energy of car running on the highway
Mechanical Energy Example - Car Running On Highway
  • #13 Mechanical energy of cricket ball moving in the air
Mechanical Energy Example - Cricket Ball Moving In Air
  • #14 Mechanical energy of electric motor that moves the blades of a fan
Mechanical Energy Example - Electric Motor
  • #15 Mechanical energy of moon revolving around the planet earth
Mechanical Energy Example - Moon Revolving Around Earth



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